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Use Case: Gaining traction with the most engaged users.

Your Chrome extension has taken off, and new users are signing up each day. Congrats!

The combination of organic traffic, paid advertising, and a few mentions in leading tech blogs have proven to be successful.

The growth is exciting, but you want to make sure it doesn’t plateau, let alone start to dwindle, anytime soon. Which outbound stream should you invest more energy in?

You know you need to dig into each traffic source. Which one has had the best ROI, when you look at the entire product lifecycle? Is it worth the effort of getting your extension into the hands of more bloggers, or should you focus on paid marketing?


To get the right data, you set up a website for your extension with inline installation (learn how). Then, you create a separate page or link for each potential source of users and set up Deskmetrics to pass along the attribution information during installation. See Documentation for help getting started with this.



After accumulating only a week’s worth of data, you notice that in addition to a large number of organic installs, there has been a flood of highly engaged users referred to your application from a popular blog post about  productivity software. With this information, you decide to offer that blogger an exclusive preview of the Pro version.



You release the Pro version of your extension, and the resulting buzz and blogger attention accelerates growth. With 30% more paid users than any other source in the first 5 days, things are headed in the right direction! Your extension is added to the top of the Chrome Store, increasing exposure within a key market again. You are able to discontinue another paid advertising campaign, and shift resources.

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