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Use Case: Getting the right data to make better decisions.

Your latest application release is performing well, but you have no idea when, or how, users are engaging with the product.

After install, how many people actually launch your product? Which events or actions are the most common?

You can see that both installs and launches are increasing slightly day over day, but what you really need is a way to shine some light on when/where the losses are happening, so you can eliminate them.


Within the reporting tab, you create an Engagement Report. Next, you choose the date range you need, and select ‘Launch’ as the event to track.



Within seconds, you have a full report showing the number of fresh installs by day, and corresponding insights into application launches.



Time to get your thinking cap on! If the majority of users launch the product between days 1-3, it’s time to focus optimization efforts on keeping users engaged right out of the gate.


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