Use Cases / Attribution

Use Case: Digging in to find exactly where your gains are coming from.

Your software app is converting, but you’ve noticed that Facebook traffic is not performing as well as Google or Bing.

Despite similar quality (and cost!), matching creative, content and flow, it seems that users from Facebook are interacting very differently with your product.

Does this mean the Facebook  is simply a dud, or is there something in your flow that could be optimized for these users?


To start the process, you set up simple tracking links for each distribution channel: Facebook, Google & Bing. Next, you link attribution variables for the most common events in your product’s user engagement story to each channel.




After accumulating 30 days’ worth of data on each, you notice that the majority of abandonment on channel A is happening on the 29th day of the free trial, when your application pops a message about the paid version beginning soon. Knowing this, you decide to offer a 10-day free trial extension to channel A users.




Over the next 10 days, you see almost 100% of Facebook users accept the trial extension, and also demonstrate 50% higher engagement with the application during the extension, compared with the initial 30 days. Purchases of the application also increase by 40%, giving you some interesting data – both qualitative and quantitative – and helping guide your decision making process for this source.


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