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Use Case: Shining a brighter light on every user application interaction.

You’re an independent software developer with a powerful file recovery product.

Its potential is tried and tested. Most recently, you’ve seen conversions skyrocket with the release of a free 30-day trial version.

Hold on a second… What data do you have? Which prompt most frequently results in a sale? At what point does engagement fall off the most, and when does cart abandonment occur?

Shine a light into that black box of information, and gain full visibility into product performance. With DeskMetric’s full product lifecycle data, analytics start at the very top of the funnel, and follow the user every step of the way, right through to purchase.


By wrapping each stage of the product lifecycle with a custom event, you observe that 30% of sales occur 6-8 days prior to the trial’s end, when your product prompts the user to purchase.



That same prompt offers the option to ‘end trial’ and you notice that 40% of users are abandoning the trial at this time. You decide to remove this option and add this messaging to its own, independent notification that pops 14 days prior to the trial’s end.



Abandonment rates decrease by 15%. You have successfully increased conversion rates by identifying an issue within your flow. Now, on to the next one.


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