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The Software Analytics Experts Weigh In: Which Features Matter Most?

by Nick Pineau, Marketing Associate
7 Apr, 2017

There are a lot of insights you can gather from Deskmetrics – and we know it can be a little overwhelming – especially if you’re brand new to the platform. 

To help you get to the bottom line faster, we’ve interviewed a few of our very own in-house experts to help understand which analytics matter most to their day-to-day work. Why? Here at Redbrick (the parent company behind Deskmetrics), we leverage our own platform, every single day, to analyze, and optimize all of our B2B and B2C software products.

From the bird’s eye view that the dashboard provides, to precise customer usage via custom reporting, below are the pieces of advice we wanted to share with you to help drive better results for your company.


Tobyn Sowden – CEO at Redbrick

My favourite feature of Deskmetrics is how I can use funnel reporting to see how our users’ early behavior impacts my company’s KPIs. I manage a number of platforms in addition to Deskmetrics, so getting some fascinating insights into how our applications are being used helps me make key strategic decisions at a higher level.

For example, with our Gmail productivity app Shift, I can drill down on how many times a day users are interacting with our application. From there, I can go one step further and see how many of these users are converting from the free version of our application to the paid version. This data is beneficial as it helps quantify the strategic direction I think our company should go in. The company across the board also benefits; our marketing team knows how who to target, our tech team knows what to build, and our sales team knows what the prime selling features are. When I use Deskmetrics, everyone wins, as does our bottom line.


Michael Foucher – Director of Products

The Deskmetrics feature I use most is engagement reporting. As a Director of Products, I need to make sure I know exactly how users are interacting with our each of our applications. Otherwise, changes I believe should be made could have a severe impact on usability and user engagement. Having access to data that explains exactly how users use our products helps me mitigate this risk.

The most common engagement report that analytics programs provide is heartbeat reporting. This type of reporting sends a signal to all users, and if the user has the application open, the signal is returned and counted. However, I don’t think this is the best measure for ensuring usage of our applications. Deskmetrics allows me to attach events to specific actions users take; this allows me to not only ensure that users have the app open, but also that they are interacting with the application multiple times a day.


Tina Chien – Product Marketing Manager

Deskmetrics’ real-time reporting feature is critical to managing my accounts’s performance. As a desktop application marketer, I am constantly analyzing each install acquired and tracking event attribution in real-time to ensure that I am not spending more than I am making in revenue each day. I’m able to split up groups of customers by cohort and track which cohorts are installing our application at the highest rate.

Access to data in real-time is a critical aspect of Deskmetrics that I need every day for my job. If there were a delay of even one day on how much I am spending versus how much I am making, I could misjudge a market and agree to an install price that might not be profitable for our company. While this may be a minor issue if it were to occur only once, if it became a recurring pattern, it would be detrimental to the company as a whole. Deskmetrics’ real-time analytics feature helps me circumvent this.


Jason Lybbert – Technical Analyst

Monitoring our applications and their reliability is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction. A Deskmetrics feature I constantly use is crash reporting; I am able to report on what, when, why, and how frequently my application crashes. This allows me to quickly determine what caused the crash and how frequently this has occurred before. I am also able to see the percentage of users affected by each crash, which helps enormously in deciding how to prioritize solutions.

I also love the visual graphics that Deskmetrics provides when running reports – it provides a clear, visual picture on what is going on. Being able to save reports is also a huge time saver; if there’s a report I run often, I don’t need to input a new query every time I want to run it.


Marco Pimentel – CMO at Redbrick

For me, Deskmetrics’ best feature is its ability to analyze which external marketing channels are most effective. Knowing which channel is providing the best bang for our buck in marketing our products is a massive bonus, especially since Deskmetrics provides this in a quantifiable and verifiable way.

As CMO, there are a lot of marketing channels we use across the board: Adwords, Facebook, Quora, influencer marketing, blog posts, and earned media. While it is easy to track some of these channels’ ROI (Facebook, Adwords, Quora), tracking how much we are spending on influencer marketing/earned media vs how much we are making back is a great measure to have. I’m able to see how many users are coming to our platforms from our earned media and actually paying and using our application; this is something that isn’t possible by looking at just Google Analytics.


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Nick Pineau • Marketing Associate

Marketing Associate at Deskmetrics

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