Generate custom reports on the data points you care about.

Get a clear overview of application performance, and drill down to a more granular level to ensure your analysis is accurate and complete. With Deskmetrics, you can pull detailed cohort reports by channel, on any of the dozens of data points we track automatically, or any custom events you've created. This helps to detect potential issues before they start, and enables you to make solution-driven decisions.

Send us what you want—we'll report on it.

Make our technology work for you by sending any JSON-formatted data you want. Our reporting system will extract the keys and values from your data, and make sense of it for you.

Expose actionable insights easily with Funnel Reporting

Funnel Reporting helps make sense of your customers, every step of the way. Set up utm_source on each of your events, then break out the funnel and see how users with different utm_source values progress through the application. Visualize the flow, understand behaviors, and optimize accordingly. It's that easy.

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Generate custom reports on
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