Making informed business decisions is easier with the right analytics.

Deskmetrics offers a range of custom analytics and reporting options that get to the point faster. Follow each user from the first click all the way through to the final conversion, and start making more effective business decisions along the way.

Engagement reports show the analytics that matter most, in real-time.

Powerful reporting tools allow you to monitor user engagement at a granular level and configure reports using a variety of inputs. Deskmetrics provides the data you need to identify the most engaged segments, so you can target high value users and maximize revenue.

Turn error reporting into opportunity.

Deskmetrics makes logging errors, and learning from them, easy. Simply send them in as events, and you'll be able to see exactly what's going wrong by creating a Custom Report.

Access consistent analytics throughout the entire lifecycle of your application.

Choose from our standard default events and get meaningful analytics within minutes, or simply send JSON-formatted data for your own custom events. With access to powerful data discovery, visualization tools and an intuitive interface, the most advanced analytics are just clicks away.

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Acquire engaged users with
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Generate custom reports on
metrics that matter.


Get set up in minutes with our
SDK integration.


Count on reliable customer support and a personal
account manager.

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