Electron Analytics

All of Deskmetrics, for Electron.

Deskmetrics tracks Electron application lifecycles, from start to finish, and everything in between. From impression, to install, to uninstall, to you-name-it, Deskmetrics keeps pace with your data, and – better yet – makes sense of it.

No more guess-work. Ensure that your application reaches its full potential, faster, by drilling down on each segment of every campaign.

Don’t let anything slip between the cracks, and start managing performance every step of the way.
With custom events, cohort reporting, simple engagement reports and a beautiful dashboard,
Deskmetrics extracts exactly what you need to understand, and optimize your electron application.

Here’s how it works:

Pick a plan that works for you, or simply start your 30-day Pro Trial.

Integrate our simple JS SDK into your electron application’s main process with just a few lines of code.
Easily tie into Squirrel installer to capture the full lifecycle: install, update, uninstall.

Tap into more precise insights every step of the way, for any custom events you choose..

Leverage the most powerful analytics, just for Electron.

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