Use Cases

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General / Analytics

The Software Analytics Experts Weigh In: Which Features Matter Most?

There are a lot of insights you can gather from Deskmetrics - and we know it can be a little overwhelming - especially..

Use Cases / Analytics


Shift, a desktop email client was built by the team at Redbrick to help customers switch between multiple Gmail accounts

Use Cases / Chrome Extensions

Use Case: Gaining traction with the most engaged users.

Your Chrome extension has taken off, and is gaining new users every day. Congrats!

Use Cases / Reporting

Use Case: Getting the right data to make better decisions.

Your latest application release is performing well, but you have no idea when, or how, users are engaging with the produ

Use Cases / Integration

Use Case: Making each version of your application count.

Your team of developers is busy building great software. In fact, they're pumping out...

Use Cases / Attribution

Use Case: Digging in to find exactly where your gains are coming from.

Your software app is converting, but you’ve noticed that traffic...

Use Cases / Analytics

Use Case: Shining a brighter light on every user application interaction.

You’re an independent software developer with a powerful file recovery product.

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