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How Analytics Can Help Put Marketers And Developers On The Same Page

The difference between an application that just holds its own and one that becomes a breakout, industry-leading success

General / Tech Talk

Turning Failure Into Opportunity: The Value of Error Reporting

Bill Gates once said, “It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

General / Tech Talk / How To's

How To: Crash Reports

Monitoring application crashes and errors should be a top priority for any developer.

General / Tech Talk

Things we love: Nginx + Lua

Recently, Lua’s popularity has been growing, and it has seen much more use outside of the game development space.

General / Tech Talk

Metrics that make sense.

Keeping a close eye on application performance is one thing, but taking effective action to optimize based on that data

Tech Talk

Scalability is hard.

I signed up for a course called Distributed Systems and the Internet.

Tech Talk

To Google Analytics, or not? What you should know about tracking desktop software applications.

Deciding on the best tools for application performance management can be complicated.

Tech Talk

Analytics, Big Data & and an introduction

Are you ready to understand about analytics and big data?

Tech Talk

The importance of a data-focused culture

How do you make decisions at your company? What are your choices based on?

Tech Talk

Analytics for applications: do you know how your customers are using your software?

Developing software is an arduous task....

Tech Talk

What is big data? What is the impact on your business?

In order to become, and remain, increasingly competitive and innovative, your company...

Tech Talk

Understanding your users: data analysis can help you find out which features to focus on

Understanding the needs of users...

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