5 Powerful Ways To Understand Your Customers Better

The customer experience is a big part of producing a successful, enduring software application. Even the best products on earth aren't enough to sway customers when a challenging process awaits them.

General / Data

Why Data Quality is Important for Your Bottom Line

Companies operate their businesses based on the data that is available to decision makers. If the data quality is low, or simply inconsistent, the result is poor decisions that don't correspond to the actual bu

Use Cases / Chrome Extensions

Use Case: Gaining traction with the most engaged users.

Your Chrome extension has taken off, and is gaining new users every day. Congrats!


Build Products that Resonate

As a product manager, I rely heavily on my experience, and research, to scope out new product ideas..


Redbrick Ranked 5th Fastest-Growing Company in Canada  

Redbrick has been listed at number 5 on the 28th annual PROFIT 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies.

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