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See the big picture, clearly.

DeskMetrics is the simplest way to gain a deeper understanding of your data. It's end-to-end installation and
application management that transforms advanced analytics into better decisions.

Identify each opportunity.

With an intuitive interface, custom reporting, and 24/7 support,
DeskMetrics is desktop software analytics like you haven't seen it before.

Get to the bottom line.

Harness your business’ full potential by focusing on what you do best:
building better software. DeskMetrics transforms your data into
decisions so you can get to the bottom line quicker.

Platform Features

Taking your data further takes the right tools. Here's how DeskMetrics can help you do just that.


Leverage the most powerful
real-time analytics.


Engage better users with dynamic
attribution tools.


Generate custom reports on
metrics that matter.


Get set up in minutes with our
SDK integration.


Count on reliable customer support
and a personal account manager.

It’s easy to get started.

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Integrate our simple SDK.

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